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    On the topic of Mongolian horror, I just learned about a number of horror movies by B. Tsogt-Erdene in the last few years. One of Tsogt-Erdene’s movies, 2015’s The Vault, seems like it could make for an interesting comparison with “Room for Rent”. It’s based on a novel, and is apparently about a migrant family moving into a brick house in the suburbs which, of course, turns out to be haunted because it was built on top of a graveyard.

    I haven’t found much information about Tsogt-Erdene or his/her movies in English, but going by reviews alone, it seems like they’re pretty derivative from Western and Japanese horror movies. That said, if anyone’s seen or heard of “The Vault”, I’d be interested in knowing the extent to which it also touches on the same themes as “Room for Rent” and has anything intelligent to say about issues like housing and urban migration and sprawl, and whether there’s anything distinctly “Mongolian” about Mongolian horror fiction.

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