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Global Perspectives in Water

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Consider how often you interact with water – it’s part of your daily diet, your energy consumption, and all the life around you. But how often do you think about it’s flow – where does it come from and where does it go? How do we manage waste, keep water safe, and manage changes in availability?

Students and faculty at the University of Washington Bothell (USA) are partnering with ACMS to host an introductory short course to learn more about challenges with managing water in both the US and Mongolia. We will focus on topics of wastewater, the damming of rivers, and changes in groundwater/lakes in both places. The course will cover both the basic background science of water flow, pollution, and ecology and the ways scientists investigate these challenges. The course will include recorded background lectures, posted reading and video materials and live discussions with both US and Mongolian scientists sharing some their expertise and interest in water as well as the complexity of studying such an important resource.

The short course is free and open to any learner from the US, Mongolia or globally. It will run from 14 February to 7 March with interactions in discussion boards, as well as posted videos and a live call each week in Zoom.

If you would like to join this online course please email [email protected]. Thank you for joining! 

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